Northern Flicker and Chickadees

House Sparrows


Alright, so, even though my feeder has been inundated with hordes of house sparrows, I am announcing that over the past two days, other species are attempting to feed, if not, visit the back yard.  I was most thrilled that, while working in the studio yesterday, I heard the song of the chickadees and watched a large adult sitting on George Duncan’s sculpture in the back.  I also heard an unfamiliar song of another bird, but couldn’t find it in the bustling activity of the yard.  Unfortunately, I am also being visited quite regularly by a feral cat, a beaut that I would gladly adopt, if I could ever grab him/her.

Today, I had the visit of a female northern flicker.  Amazing!  Such a beautiful bird!  She sat on the studio roof and watched the chaos of the sparrows and then went on her way.  I’m not certain what birders would recommend to make my space more appealing and bird-friendly.  Every day I make certain there is fresh water here and there and certainly there is lots of variety for them.  I’m watching for information on this site to become more familiar with the Calgary birds and their correct identification.  One day I really really want to take a birding course!

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