Sometimes Paint is Ugly Stuff

Good-bye Green: Hello White

As I use stripper to remove the suffocating coats of paint off of this vanity, I can’t help but think that paint is ugly stuff.  I remember back in the late 50s-early 60s, it seemed that it was vogue for my parents and our military neighbours to paint absolutely everything, especially the kitchen table.  I remember at one time, the kitchen table took on a splattered paint effect, something that would never be considered in today’s world.  I can google images and still not come up with an example of this particular popular treatment.  If you know what paint treatment I’m referring to, please send me a link.

Seeing the damaged veneer of this particular vanity, I am left with thoughts of wood and its beauty.  Sometimes paint is just ugly.  This piece is so badly damaged that I will create a piece of art out of its bones; better that I collect it from freecycle and give it a new life than to have it discarded.  Ironically, I will achieve this using more paint! I hope my readers enjoy watching it transform.

Drawers Prepared for Sanding

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