My Boy’s First Day of School

My Son


I know!  The photo is out of focus!  What twenty-one year old son will stop squirming while his mother takes a first day of school photo?  This was NOT his idea!  It’s just that I’ve spent the past two weeks looking at First-Day-of-School photos posted by other mothers and I realize (he’ll be glad to know) that those days are behind me!  That doesn’t change the pride that I feel as a parent for this first day and all of the first days that follow.  I have all of the same wishes, also!  I want my young man to be happy, healthy and to enjoy this year at University!  He has worked hard so far in his study of philosophy and economics…I just wish him the very best for this coming academic year and if he sees this in passing, I want him to know that this was the very last time I will ever do this! :0)


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