Happenings in the Garden: Birds and Tomatoes

It is impossible to capture, with my camera, the cacophony of sounds and the flutter of activity as I step out onto my back deck in the morning.  While I’m still researching the upside and the downside of keeping a bird feeder in my yard, for now I just really enjoy the robust nature and shenanigans of the sparrows that come to my backyard tree  (I’ve always called her, May).  Every branch seems to move with my entrance to the deck.  It’s as though the tree is alive, and I mean ‘alive’ in a different way!

May and Bird Feeder


A couple of things I want to learn…how does one attract birds other than sparrows to ones bird feeder?  Second to that, how does one adopt the beautiful black and white spotted feral cat that routinely perches on the top of my fence in order to stalk the huge gaggle of sparrows?  Finally, is it alright to continue to fill my feeder with seed around the seasons, or is it better for the bird population that I discontinue this practice?

While pondering all of this, I so enjoy the harvest of my garden!  I am so blessed!




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