Anita Shreve: The Last Time They Met

I first read Anita Shreve’s work when I picked up Light on Snow.  I would characterize Shreve’s writing as my ‘light’ reading.  Once I’ve finished an expository ‘read’, something historical or biographical, 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I like to sit back and take something in that is really narrative. I have enjoyed several of her books, for just this purpose.  Still, Shreve’s writing leaves me wondering about the characters and themes of human intrinsic struggle.  I like them for that.

Last night, I finished the book, The Last Time They Met,  an exploration, I think, of how a single moment can hold such power in a complete life story.  I think that it can be said that there are a number of pivotal moments throughout each person’s life that create reactions, leading ultimately to particular consequences/results.  The ending to this book is surprising and I am left this morning, still wondering about it.

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