The Present Moment

Even as I write, the moment has slipped away and I am with another and another, another.  So, what I am really writing about now is a past moment.  I sat eating dinner with a friend in the evening and spoke to him about the magic of the summer.  As I spoke to him about a couple of events/people I had met and spoken to, I realized that we are always exactly where we need to be at the time.  Being fully present to my life (something I always thought I had been doing – but wasn’t) this past two months taught me such joy, acceptance and wonder.  I feel less conflicted, more at peace and more engaged.  This notion sounds totally convoluted, but young Douglas Spaulding of Dandelion Wine would have seen it as a revelation, so as such, I’m going to leave my words without edits so that I can look back and remember the divine mystery that was my realization.

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