The Second Time I Cried: A Tim Horton’s Parking Lot

I didn’t take any photographs that first day of driving.  What was to archive?  I wasn’t a tourist. I didn’t feel the way I felt driving east.  Max needed to pee and I needed to sort out why I had taken the exit on Thickson Road instead of going south to the next one.  I figured quickly that it didn’t really matter.  Pulling off of the 401 and anticipating going north, somehow brought emotions up for me.  This cry was a weepy private shedding of a few tears…it was nothing dramatic, just enough that I had to remove my glasses because my eye lashes had mucked my lenses up.  The 401 and the Tim Horton’s parking lots of Canada hold no real intimacy.  I hoped that the secondary road would be kinder.

A rough-looking guy, once asked, pointed north and told me just to drive through Whitby, I’d get onto the right highway.  I felt his directions a tad sketchy, but followed them anyway.

Thickson to Hwy 7

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