Day Three:Thunder Bay to Brandon

At this point, I was determined to drive home in four days, not five.  With such resolve, I hardly considered doddling or picture-taking, so all of that was done on ‘the fly’.  I made a few brief notes on a pad of paper that sat at my side.  I did see some amazing things along the way.  In fact, I would describe myself as having been very ‘in-tune’ with the world.  Leaving Thunder Bay, I experienced the first rainfall of an entire summer of driving.  I was happy that it was happening through a construction zone where everything was slowed down anyway.  I took it easy.  As I drove, leaving Lake Superior behind, I loved thinking about the trip I had made with my son two years earlier…and felt blessed that I have driven both the north and south routes of this amazing Great Lake.

Notes on a piece of paper: random and quite difficult to decypher

Looking through my rear view mirror from Thunder Bay
sun streaming through clouds at sun rise, deep dark ahead
heavy rain
heavy heavy rain HEAVY WIDE LOAD AHEAD!!!!
wine gums
butter tart
another sip of coffee and another Vinyl Cafe Story

Ignace _
smell of pulp and paper, the air changes
Podcasts: The Vinyl Cafe music provided by Craig Cardiff and I am in love with his music now.

Miles and Miles of Stuart McLean stories
Historical Plaques several places along the way
Portages: Thunder Bay, Kenora area-google when I get home.

Husky the Muskie: Kenora

Kenora: A Beautiful Afternoon Break

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