Canadian History: Book Pages 1937-38-39

Canadian History

Sometimes it feels like I am sitting perfectly still, going nowhere,
when I am, actually.
Sometimes the sounds outside my window on a summer’s night
are so absolutely crystal clear that I
wonder if in fact, I might be outside.

You know how some say, “My mind drifts”?
Tonight my mind drifts out the window.

I found A First Book of Canadian History
and knew that time had passed
while drifting.
Florence Lahti’s name on page 38
made me suddenly feel a longing.

I can only guess that she was the
young girl who meticulously underlined
dates and lines of significance with a
I was once like that.

I wish now that I had penciled over
faces and written dialogue, instead.

I pull the window tight, (the sound)
covering the screen.

Writing Screen Plays in History Class 1930s

Taking Risks

I wondered about Robert Taylor at this point.

Florence's Front Inside Cover

If Maps Can Change: People Can

3 thoughts on “Canadian History: Book Pages 1937-38-39

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  2. Thank you for posting your thoughts — it was a sweet reminder of my dear mother. Her cousin Virginia had such a close a special bond.

    Thank you for reawakening those memories.

    • Marcus…if you would like the book, I would gladly send it to you through the mail. Do you have any family member who would enjoy it? Sometimes when we are sorting and pitching, we need to take pause and remember why, at times, our objects are of some historical value. Let me know. Kathleen

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