Brothers Two Restaurant, Summerside

My Decorated Great-Uncle

I cried in the parking lot of the Brothers Two Restaurant tonight.  As my Great-Uncle Earl gave me a big-bear hug, I couldn’t let go.  I wanted to keep that moment forever.  I wanted time to stop. My Great-Auntie Gladys and I cried. 

Great Uncle Earl's Treat

I noticed as I signed Earl’s guest book at his home that on the very first page of this book were my Mom and Dad’s signatures from a trip they had made out to the Island in 2002.  I am so grateful that they made that trip together.  And Mom’s remaining family will always remember it! My signature is now in the very same book.  I made the journey home to the Island for all of my family.

I love my Great-Auntie!

A meal shared, good stories, laughs and memories brought us close to one another.  I will  carry these Islanders in my heart.

Last Friday Night Bingo: Just as My Mamie Used to Do!

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