The Pilgrimage

The drive yesterday was the culmination of three years of research and interviews and as such, it was an emotional day, a blessing-day!  The book I have been reading recently, The Shadow Man: A Daughter’s Search for Her Father has been a significant ‘read’…given the never-knowing-or-understanding presence or non-presence of a biological father in my mother’s life.  Yesterday, I stepped into and  through his life, as I could, and met him at the very point that I’ve always wondered about.  Life is full of mystery.


Got to Cardigan and after eating my sandwich on a bench outside of the small museum/information center, I went inside and met young Leanne.  She was enthused when I asked her a question about The Shepards because she just happened to be putting together a slide show about local Black Islanders.  She pulled out her research.  I pulled out mine.  And then we shared stories and I felt pleased that I could give her some details and name some of the people in their photographs…people who had remained unnamed for some time.  She told me that if I really wanted to know some details, Nora Macdonald had gone through the local church records and she knew more about the Shepards of Lot 52 and 53 and would I like to try to contact her?  It was only minutes later and Nora stepped into the Center and minutes after that that she opened her scribblers, filled with family history scrawled in ballpoint pen, notations that she had recorded directly from the church documents and we were swept up in a whirl of information-sharing.

Maps for Lots 52 and 53 1800s

 From Cardigan,  I headed on a sidetrip to Georgetown.  It was raining hard by that time, but still Max got his brief connection with the beach before we headed east to Souris.

Three Rivers: Georgetown Harbour


Next, the point of convergence, the town of Souris, perched on the northeastern Atlantic shore, a visit in a wee little museum on the main street and time spent in St. Mary’s Church and cemetery.

Visiting with a Clinton in Souris.

Looking at a 1940s Map of Souris...searching for the old Pool Hall

Benjamin Binns Canadian Provost Corp

St. Mary's Church, Souris

Offering Up My Prayers for the Ancestors and Forgiveness

Souris Harbour...Light on the Horizon



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