Visiting My Ancestors: Miscouche PEI

After visiting both Mont Carmel and Baie Egmont, on the highway west to our cottage, Max and I had one final stop to make and that was to St. John the Baptist Church in Miscouche.  Late in the day,  we weren’t able to gain access to the interior, but certainly the building itself was a formidable sight!   

Miscouche was the location for the Second Acadian National Conference in 1884, an occasion when all of Acadia’s national symbols including the Acadian flag were adopted.  Somewhere around 5000 Acadians were in attendance and if my readers consider the distance and elements that might have influenced travel at the time, they will know this to be an amazing feat.

Again, I felt the astounding presence of my ancestors.  I walked through the cemetery and felt such gratitude yet again.  When I returned to the van, I turned to the back kennel and said to Max, “Ok buddy, enough for today!  Let’s get some grub and head to the cottage!”

Ste. John the Baptist, Miscouche


Entrance Archway


White on Blue


Farewell Miscouche

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