A Day At the Beach

Last Night’s Chowder…scallops, mussels and clams…saltines on the side.

Max is flaked out on the floor…exhausted.  This city-dog has NO idea about beach life…what to do with salt water, sand and jelly fish!  He had a blast and should be out for awhile.  I didn’t relax as I might have, but thought it best to be vigilant on his first visit to the beach.  He sniffed out anything alive in a shell within five miles of him, but it was all good!

Local Vegetables and Berries: Missing from photo; blueberries and yellow beans

I then drove to the wharf where I picked up some fresh scallops.  It’s cocktail hour right now and as I sip, I’m breading the scallops and will serve them with local corn on the cob.  PEI time is a different sort of clock.  I’m grateful for another day of sunshine and the beach…visited with my neighbours while sipping a coffee this morning and feel as though there is a storm in the air tonight. 

I went with the top grade of PEI potatoes for my chowder! Yummers!

Last night I slept deeply.  It is just so quiet here.  A respite!

A Great Sleep Was Had!

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