Visiting the Ancestors: Mont Carmel

I was greeted at the door by Normand Richard.  He was passing out information on the history of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel in both english and french.  Ahh…his cd is awesome!  Normand is completely blind, but is so passionate that he spends his volunteer hours in the front of this amazing church that sits on the edge of what seems to be an endless sea.  He welcomes each guest to the church and is someone I will now, carry in my heart.  It was a very emotional thing being in this Holy place, knowing of the baptisms, marriages and funerals that have taken place in this Evangeline Church.  I lit a candle and prayed for my Mom, my ancestors and experienced such peace and comfort as I sat with history.  I am not going to sugar-coat the events of my French past, however, I am going to recognize the strength of my ancestors and as I gazed upon the Tabernacle, I was and am  moved by the mystery that is cradled there, for the entire world.


Tonight I sit at this wooden table in a PEI cottage of Anglo-Rustico, while the Atlantic Ocean moves toward me, her waves pounding toward the shore.  I am amazed and was today, as I drove along the shoreline, at how resilient our families were through their immigration and in this case, their deportation…their expulsion.  Such amazing strength!

Prayers Raised Up For My Mother

Regardless of a person’s beliefs, today I feel compelled to say what an amazing thing it was for these families to survive such a severe and precarious climate and landscape, especially in the winter.  I believe that their faith offered them courage and comfort.  My wanderings today have confirmed for me an amazing connection with my mother’s history.  I am blessed.

Blessed Lord

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