Notre-Dame-Du-Mont Carmel, Prince Edward Island

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Thanks to this blogger who has shared insights with me about the MAGIC of Notre-Dame-Du-Mont Carmel!  It was a beautiful day…I could smell the salt that hung on the air.  The sunshine was hot, but the air, somehow cool.  The mosquitoes bit my calves as I stooped to try to make sense of the worn inscriptions on the stones.

At a point I gave up and literally reached out my hand and arm and spilled a blessing over all who rest there.  I felt emotional and deeply connected to my family…especially my mother.  I thought about my Great Grandfather as a wee babe, being baptized in this very church.  I entered after purchasing a CD from a peddler out on the front steps.

Inside, I got chills…it was so gorgeous, warm and singing of history.


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