Cap Pele

Herring Smokehouse

I went off of 15E in order to really experience the village of Cap Pele, a place that literally breaths history, a rich warm smell of smoked fish and salt water.  Overlooking the  Northumberland Strait, there is an earthy wonderful isolation about the place.  I had chills go up my spine because it was as though I was in a story where I didn’t belong.  I decided to stop into a wee tourist museum that had Acadian flags batting hard in the wind that blew off the water.  Two friendly ladies walked about with me, sharing what they knew of the smokehouses. 

Cool stuff having to do with fish, fishing and smoking fish!


In the corner, I was immediately drawn to a piece of art…dried herring, authentic netting, memorabilia of every sort layered between coats of resin.  I felt like this artist was a soulful friend, connecting with me in his approach.  I’ve got to find out more about this artist!  Beginning the search….now!

Claude Rouselle: Cap Pele

Max and I headed down to the dock to catch a glimpse of the boats and the water.  A wee piece of heaven!

Boats at Dock

Looking to the Southeast


Home for Smoked Herring




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