Red on Green

I had Max in the back yard this morning.  It was WHIZZO time…for those of you who don’t know what that means, it was time to throw the frizbee.  I became frustrated that yet again, Max eventually turned the game of fetch into the game of keep-away.  Lately he has been sensing the last throw and I wonder, ‘how is this even possible?’ The guy is too smart for his own boots and I’m just missing something about growing into the Alpha skin.  It’s always been a struggle for me, but never so much as this morning.

Defeated, I went over to a cement structure that sits in the middle of the yard, a vent of some sort.  Almost immediately the cool air blew onto my back, small ants moved in a frenzy to my right,  and wee black frogs (I’ve never seen so many of these little guys as I have here) hopped in the grass at my feet…lots to observe…particularly those amazing trees, huge 150-year-old giants that have consumed me all summer.  I was so drawn into the green, the thick foliage, the huge hulking arms of such a variety of trees, that it was as though everything was green.  Then, from no where, a bright flash of red!

I vocalized.  “Oh thank you! Thank you!  You are so beautiful!”  The cardinal flitted from branch to branch and spent almost ten minutes with me.  I am amazed sometimes that a bird can be so spectacular in it’s colouring and it’s detail!  It was a blessing-morning!

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