Susanna Moodie

Resting Place: Belleville, Ontario

THE MORNING HOUR by Susanna Moodie

Like a maid on her bridal morn I rise,
With the smile on her lip and the tear in her eyes;
Whilst the breeze my crimson banner unfurls,
I wreathe my locks with the purest pearls;
Brighter diamonds never were seen
Encircling the neck of an Indian queen!
I traverse the east on my glittering wing,
And my smiles awake every living thing;
And the twilight hour like a pilgrim gray,
Follows the night on her weeping way.
I raise the veil from the saffron bed,
Where the young sun pillows his golden head;
He lifts from the ocean his burning eye,
And his glory lights up the earth and sky.

Ah, I am like that dewy prime,
Ere youth hath shaken hands with time;
Ere the fresh tide of life has wasted low,
And discovered the hidden rocks of woe:
When like the rosy beams of morn,
Joy and gladness and love were born,
Hope divine, of heavenly birth,
And pleasure that lightens the cares of earth!

Beautiful Winds and Blue Skies

3 thoughts on “Susanna Moodie

    • I love the line also…”where the young sun pillows his golden head”. I find it unusual that Susanna refers to the young sun in the masculine…perhaps there is some reference to the loss of her own young boy to a drowning incident…and then again, perhaps I’m reading too much into it! 🙂 Thank you, dear Bard…and I look forward to reading your poetry!

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