Summer Discoveries on Bridge Street

I enjoy early Canadian writers and have a small collection on my book shelf at home, of Susanna Moodie’s writings and journal pages.  Equally as fascinating are the writings of her sister, Catherine Parr Trail.  Both women struggled initially with the harsh Canadian winters, but then grew to write very powerful reflections about their experiences, thus enlightening historians about the transition from the more gentile life of England and other places in Europe to the weather and stark reality of life in Canada.

Sometimes life’s little surprises are…well…surprising! It is when I am ‘going along’ noticing the simple things, that I end up having amazing revelations and am struck by that sort of magic that I hang onto forever.  It would seem that Susanna Moodie’s cottage was in Belleville, Ontario…on Bridge Street.  Presently, I am staying with my parents, just a block away!  For all I know, I have already featured her home in my Bridge Street Photo Essay.  We shall see!  In the meantime, I will try to find some words of Susanna’s to post here.

On the notion of memory…something I’ve been thinking about all of these photos later…

What a wonderful faculty is memory! — the most mysterious and inexplicable in the great riddle of life; that plastic tablet on which the Almighty registers with unerring fidelity the records of being, making it the depository of all our words, thoughts and deeds — this faithful witness against us for good or evil.
Susanna Moodie

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