Fish Fry

Johnny With His Catch

Diane is really tanned!  She told Mom, Dad and me that she’s been out in the boat fishing every day for hours the last while.  She explained that the water in the Bay is so warm, the bass aren’t any good for eating and that’s what she caught on her most recent trip out.  She’s been bringing Dad pickerel for his freezer and the night before last, Dad coated the fillets with bread crumbs, salt and pepper after a milk bath and were they ever beautiful!

The men in my family have been fishing enthusiasts for generations!  I love it when I find the older photos and remember the times that either my grandfather, my Dad or my brothers came home with nice fish that we could eat.  This Saturday afternoon, we will be celebrating my Dad’s 80th birthday.  I think these are some of my favourite photo-memories!

Grandpa Moors in his Guiding Days

My brothers and their boys have some pretty amazing photo moments as well, but this is a place for the classics, given that I have been captivated with nostalgia the last while.

Early Dad

And finally…cool Dad and the 14 lb. lake trout that we still all talk about!

Big Fish!

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