Evening Dog-Walking

Humidex 40 Degrees

After sharing a nice plate of chicken and salads with Mom and Dad, Max and I headed down to the edge of the Bay of Quinte for our evening walk…this portion, a 3.5 km. loop that took us to some very beautiful places.  It certainly was cool down by the water, although Max was aching for a wild romp instead of a leash-experience.  Here is a small photo essay of some of what we took in along the way.

Bay of Quinte: O' Canada

Sometimes it irritates me when artists/photographers/people use this pinhole setting on their cameras!  It feels redundant and quirky.  Since coming to Belleville, I am trying to wrap my head around why it is precisely the pinhole setting that I need.  I think I’m just feeling so nostalgic and that I am struggling, grasping memories, hanging on for dear life to the ‘present tense’.  Dunno…when I figure it out, I’ll let my readers know.

Sunday Evening Honky-Tonk in the Band Shell

Max romped a bit in  the water…barked at sticks he wanted to reach…swamped by a wave or two.

Sail boat watching...

The ‘artistic shot’..taking the pathway under the bridge.


After two hours of wandering and discovering, listening to music and chatting with other waterfront-pedestrians, Max and I headed home.

9:00 p.m.

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