Kingston: Cadet Parade

My Nephew, Cameron Moors, Tied for Top Cadet in His Division.

I took Mom and Dad for a spin via a yummy ‘bite’ at the Chit Chat Cafe in Napanee, Ontario.  We went to meet my brother who was driving south from Ottawa and his sons in Kingston, Ontario for their Navy Cadet parade.  Our family is very proud of our family history with the Canadian Military and it is a very moving thing to see the next generation on the parade square; two of my smart and fun-loving nephews, Cameron and Liam.

We joined the Naval Cadet Band and sang O’ Canada and I was overcome with that sense of Canadian pride and emotion, especially hearing my Mom and Dad singing to the left of me.  Having recently seen so much of our beautiful country up close, I think I was even more excited to be in Kingston for such an important event in my nephews’ lives.  They will be off to Cairo, Egypt very soon on their next posting and it is awesome that they are leaving with this ‘Canadian’ experience.  Liam, I am so proud that you won the award for Most Improved Cadet in your Division!

My Two Nephews, Living in Ottawa

Gazing over the water…enjoying the blue sky…I absolutely treasured this time spent with my family.  I am proud of all of my siblings for the commitment they have had in their various life-endeavors…such a diverse bunch!  There have been so many accomplishments on all fronts and we are so blessed that our parents have shared this road with us! I know that we have each taken on the challenges of our lives with determination!  Physical distance was never able to separate us!  I am grateful for the ‘magic’ of this day!

RMC Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario

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