Bottle Three

Max and I woke up yesterday morning in Kenora.  It was a fantastic sleep and a nice continental breakfast.  We had an early start.  I’ve decided I really really enjoy early-morning driving.  With a hot cup of coffee in my cup-holder and good music playing, the drive is typically beautiful.  I’ve had sun and blue skies for the entire journey to this point and the morning light is remarkable!

Thunder Bay

Our big stop for lunch was at the Terry Fox memorial.  Oh, soooo wonderful!  I had prepped a bean/rice/barley,corn and red pepper salad before leaving home and sat on a park bench, munching.  Max loved the stop as much as I did, socializing with the tourists and enjoying the big stretch.

A Spectacular Day!

Back on the road, we passed by ditches filled with blooming lupins; bright pinks, lavender, blue and violet.  I fueled up at a station where the attendant was so darned happy and helpful and the gas he was selling was also a mere 1.36 a liter. (cheap for that particular place in Canada)  Generally, I’m feeling that people are so very kind!

As I traveled deeper into the Canadian Shield,  I actually got pretty emotional.  I’ve been to some very stunning places in my lifetime, but when I find myself traveling a highway that cuts through such spectacular rock and for so many miles, I am left breathless.  The only thing about the miles that you cover through this landscape, is that there are very few places where one can pull over and be safe, in order to take pictures.  For me, this section of the drive becomes something entirely personal, something that can never be truly shared in a photograph!

Coincidentally,  as I was weaving my way through the Lake Superior Route, Gordan Lightfoot was playing on the radio,  ‘Carefree Highway‘.  What could be more cool than that?

Max and I pushed on to Marathon; quite an accomplishment! Our accommodation was somewhat ‘dodgy’, as my English son-in-law would say, but I was happy to be pulled off of the highway before nightfall and glad to be able to enjoy a soak in the tub!

Cheese Curd, Corona, Chips and Dip in Marathon: Yummers! ;0)

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  1. Kath, Your trip is sounding so awesome and Max seems to be enjoying it too…I know when you get past Sask. and Manitoba, the view becomes breathless along the way. That’s one of the reasons I love being back here. Anyways, take it easy, keep up the good weather and remember to slow down – I got a huge speeding ticket just outside Kenora as It is 90 and my foot was still used to 110 on Alberta Highways. Take care, Mary

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