Bottle Two

5:30 a.m.

A restless night of van-camping and Max was wide awake at 5:00.  It is a beautiful thing to go walking when the grass is still wet and all of the rest of the world  is sleeping.

6:00 a.m

The water is so high in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, that the road into Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is just a narrow strip, in some cases, with water coming up to pavement level on both sides.  Remarkably magical!


Buffy Ste. Marie’s ‘I’m Going Home’ was playing on the i pod at the time.  I was overwhelmed with the spiritual sense of everything!

Meeting Jimmy Fardy

I met Jimmy Fardy and his wife Jan.  He showed me black and white photos of my great grandparents and my great Uncle Joe.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to navigate Winnipeg but all went swimmingly.  It was a most precious hour-long meeting, especially given my pilgrimage back to ‘the island’ this summer.

Kenora and Bottle Two :0)

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