How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mom's Angel in the Front BedMany accomplishments this afternoon!  I managed to build the new strawberry bed and the side flower bed as well.  I’m trying to integrate veggies in with the flower beds, hoping to create really healthy soil and to have edible things everywhere!  It was windy and cool, but a perfect day to do mega physical work!  Just as I unplugged my power drill, the rain started coming and now I’m indoors, sipping a nice glass of red and watching the birds at the feeder.  It has been a beautiful day! 

On June 5th, I posted some photos of wee plants that were just getting the start and wrote about some of the people I feel close to because of the variety of plants and their origins.  Now, for a shorter update!  It is so ‘magical’ when plants bust out in bloom!  Everything changes!  So…here you go!

New Bed: Strawberries and Asparagus


New Bed for More Bloomers and Veg

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