Haiti, Japan and Slave Lake, Alberta…Great Falls, Montana…Manitoba

What happens to these places?  I’ve only named a few. 

The world seems to be in an upheaval…churning up all sorts of natural disasters!  The newspapers and television…the internet…spew out so many stories when the crises have occurred.  For days, the public reacts in shock with the bulletins of lost lives, lost property and hardship.  Money is funneled into accounts and then days later, the stories are abandoned for new stories.  It is my hope, by writing, that I might cause my readers to think about affirmative action in regards to any one of these situations.

Tonight, Tom Jackson is hosting a CBC performance out of Edmonton, an effort to raise funds for those who have lost their homes and belongings in Slave Lake.  In a moment, their lives were changed by a wild fire!  As I write, I can not help but send out gratitude to the universe that my children and I are safe and in good health!

It is a well-known fact that radiation continues to pour into the water surrounding the shores of Japan.   Similar to the horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, distance gives us the chance to put out of our minds, the people who have been ruined economically, and the animals, out of view, that are silently dying under the surface. 

Oh, my.  I may come off as being a ‘bleeding-heart’ here…or mayhaps, negative and defeated, but IN FACT, I do know this to be true.  Humanity is full of kindness.  Human beings reach out to those in need.  I like to believe that we will take care of one another.  As the planet is stretched to its limit, I want to believe that we will step up and forward, for one another! 

It's a Beautiful World! Emigrant Pass

Post Script:  This is well-put…and a view that is important to think about!  !  Apart from your content (and I will be visiting and reading much more), I have to comment on the fact that you are a superb writer!  Thank you for your candor!

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