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Drum Major: My Son's Band Performance

Hi Everyone!   Once again, let us tell you how much we appreciate all the support you send our way!    People from all over the world and from all walks of life have been expressing their outrage at the hate propaganda which keeps coming out of the Sun Ne…ws TV network. Many of you also ask what can be done to put a stop to such biased, unprofessional, contemptuous “journalism”.
In spite of all the letters sent to the station by the public, things have only gotten more vulgar and more contemptuous since June 1st.   This type of attack is designed to fuel hatred and create enemies. It does not create bridges nor does it assist us in understanding each other’s point of view.   However it needs to be dealt with as it has far reaching implications.
Here are a few easy things you can do to help:  Do not watch the channel (the more attention they get, the meaner they become). Notify its advertisers (you’ll find a list  and contact info below) that if they support the channel, you will BOYCOTT their business. This is particularly effective with profit-driven entities such as Quebecor, owner of Sun News TV.
Fill out an on-line complaint form on the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council website   – very easy and quick to do. You will be informed by the CBSC of the developments regarding your complaint. Here’s the basic info you will be requested to input:  
Television Station:  Sun News TV
Name of the program and on-air person involved:   Canada Live with Krista Erickson
Date of Program:   June 1, 2011, Time of Program: approx 4:15PM
Specific Concern:         You will detail the reasons for your outrage.                                             
The following link leads to the Canadian Broadcaster’s code of ethics you might want to refer to. Clauses 5 and 6 are particularly relevant.   and the usual personal information needed to get in touch with you such as address and e-mail address.  You can also write to your M.P.  and ask him or her to take the issue to the House of Commons. 
Canada is a democratic country in which all opinions should be expressed respectfully and with intelligence. Please know that writing to Ms. Erickson directly will only excite her even more.   Be brave, be clear, be compassionate,   All our best wishes right back to each and every one of you!  
Margie and all of us at The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation    

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