NORAD Bunker: ‘The HOLE’, North Bay, Ontario

We had two postings to North Bay, Ontario.  My Dad worked as an air weapons controller. We lived in a home on base where we had a small bomb shelter in our basement and on occasion, we would have drills when the sirens would fire.  Not an ordinary sort of experience for a young family!  One summer, while attending University, I took the bus down into The Hole everyday, working on a civilian project.  I found this video in my peeking-around on the web and think it’s a great archive for my blog.

When I wasn’t working in this place 800 feet underground, I was hiking through the hills and I remember being particularly in awe of the trilliums growing in the shaded woods around town.  I also attended a church for daily Mass, surprisingly, said in Latin.

A Cold War Family

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