RCAF Family Life

Ste. Sylvestre, Quebec

This would have been the family in Ste. Sylvestre, Quebec.  We are still waiting for one brother and finally, my sister, to come along!  I know the place because the refrigerator is almost in the living room.  I am so excited about my Trans Canada drive this summer, that I’m going through the photos and planning one of those looped power points, in order to feature my Dad who turned 80 on May 14th on my Mom, who will turn 77 on July 27!  I look at this photograph and remember the strength of my parents. Dad was on the Mid Canada Line at RCAF Stn. Stoney Mountain through this period and later did Operational inspections on every DEW Line site In Canada and Greenland–Fun Flying!  All the while, his family was 50 miles from the Quebec City hospital. And it was during that posting, that Mom gave birth to her middle child. ;0) I remember the snow banks being sometimes five or six feet high on either side of the sidewalk!

Always Outdoors! Ste. Sylvestre, Quebec

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