Birds: It’s a Big World!

Little Guy on a Big Front Door Step!

He’s gone. 

I’ve been held-up in front of the computer for days now, inputting data for the final report cards of the year.  My eyes are tired, but my heart is full and happy, given the completion of that huge task!

I went out into the gardens today to check on the status of all the growing-things, pulled some weeds and moved some dirt.  As I was coming into the house, I noticed this baby sparrow on the neighbour’s front step.  Dad was dive-bombing him and Mom was wildly calling from the roof above.  Babe…sat quivering, tucking his wee pink legs into his downy coat. 

My heart began to pound!  Rain clouds were gathering and I really was left with this feeling that I must, somehow, save the day!  Initially, I used an art exhibit invitation to ease him into a plastic container and took him back to higher ground, in my back yard.  He looks so vulnerable here, don’t you think?  Through that procedure, I basically learned that the chubby guy was in good health…he was fluttering his wings and grabbing with his feet.  I knew that this had likely been a case of failing his first flying lesson!

Our neighbourhood is loaded with feral cats and so my real panic was about the fact that the baby was so low to the ground!  Once settled on higher ground, in my back yard, I went to the front to discover Ma and Pa repetitively flying to the step where he had earlier been.  So….around I go…returning babe from a safe haven to a place of access for the worried parents.

There he sat, with me, every-so-often, wandering out to see Dad continuing to feed baby and Mom continuing her guard.  I appealed for suggestions on Facebook and after a few minutes of distraction, went to find that the youngster was no longer on the step or in near-by grass, bushes or garden beds.  So, today folks, I left it all up to nature, with no idea what became of this wee visitor.  A person can only wonder how such vulnerable creatures survive a world THIS BIG!  This little sparrow really impacted me this afternoon!

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