Three Years Old

It’s been three years of training, and both Max and I have come a long way!  I really struggled after Laurie-dog died.  I can look back on my blogging and see how that dog impacted my life and was a friend to me. 

Sure, the training has not been perfected yet, but Max and I have both grown in leaps and bounds!  I found Max on a kijiji site and drove down to Granum to meet Lynda Baxter and to bring him back with me…probably too soon after losing Laurie.  For awhile I poured all of my emotions on to my poor dog, forgetting also that I had been 14 years younger when I had trained Laurie.

Recently though, Max and I have found our own ‘way of being’ and long walks by the river after work are ‘magic’, always revealing something new in nature.  Together, we have created a team and we both really enjoy our adventures.  This springtime has been wet- but-beautiful and we like our time by the water!  I never thought I’d meet a border collie that likes the water as much as Max does.  So, this evening’s words are a celebration of the two of us, fun and accomplishments!

Max at My Son's Band Practice

First C-Train Ride After Stampede Parade-Watching

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