Gardens: Lupins


On my west-east migrations I have enjoyed the awesome colour of lupin plants, whether it be the blue lupins that make their way between cracks in solid rock in the B.C. mountains or thick fields of pink, white, lavendar and purple lupins in Ontario, all the way east to the Atlantic Provinces.  They are spectacular! I have always planted lupins!

 They seed so well and crop up throughout the garden.  They are hardy in direct sunlight, but are generous hosts to aphids.  The aphids will suck them dry, so you really have to keep an eye on that, particularly here in Calgary.  Once established, these blooms are very easy to grow.  I have really enjoyed a thicker batch of these the past two years!  I am also going to post a photograph here of some of the lupins I found, just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Thunder Bay Lupins

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