Gardens: Ground Cover

Thyme and Sedum

At the time, I was dating a long-hauler.  It’s been a while.  In retrospect though, one of the most ‘magical’ experiences that came from that relationship was that I was able to go on two long-hauling adventures!  I have beautiful memories from both of these trips!  This leads me to my thoughts about ground-cover! 

I have rocks in my garden that come from all over the southwest, from places along the I-90 and all sorts of back roads and beautiful places between here and Mexico.  I love them!  More to write about the Teton rock and the Jack Pot rocks…but, another time!  The difficulty here is the fact that the weeds keep coming up through the ground cover.  I don’t know if there is an easy fix for that?  But, in the meantime, I love the scent of the Thyme and I love the textures and colours that ground covers provide.  I am also very grateful for the collection of amazing rocks that I have in my garden.  Thank you for the love and care and the many journeys that brought these flat and multi-coloured rocks home to me!

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