Backyard Garden: Rhubarb

You’ve Got to Love Rhubarb!

Mom and Dad always gardened!  I suppose that’s where I get the most inspiration to garden.  We just always grew things!  I know that we are very busy people, but a part of the natural flow and ebb of things was to grow things.

Regarding Rhubarb, the thing my father always told me was to rip it out, don’t cut it.  The yield continues throughout the summer in this manner.  I’ve never done it any other way!  The rhubarb that you see right here is ready to be picked!  If you let it go any longer, it will be tough.  I think my favourite combination of fresh flavours from the garden is rhubarb with strawberries.  You just stew the two together for awhile on the top of the stove, add some sugar and serve on toast!  Yummers!

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