Backyard Garden: Columbine

Columbine: Different Varieties

Given that I am a hiker, I have always enjoyed my early spring hikes with the Hiking YA-YAs.  We have one sister-friend who is particularly good at spotting and identifying a myriad of wild flowers.  The Many Springs hike is usually our first every year and out on the trail, we have seen wild columbine growing.  That’s what got me hooked into planting one bed exclusively with columbine, all varieties and sizes.  This is a fairly new notion and I’ve only had two seasons sorting this one out, but so far, I’m happy with the result. Maturity comes with much patience…whether you are a person or a flower!

Many Springs Trail Map

I have to apologize that my photos are not very professional looking. ;0)


Wild-flower gazing!


Val and Me: High Water!

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