Backyard Gardens: Before the Blooms!

Lily Of the Valley

I was sipping my coffee this morning, outside, and noticing just how ‘personal’ my garden is.  Everything is just about ready to bloom and I was enjoying that sense of anticipation and surprise.  I was also thinking about this property and while considering selling and buying something small….I mean, this is relatively small in comparison to so much real estate….but, I mean EVEN smaller…I look at what ‘magic’ occurs every year in the gardens, and this morning, I think it would be a ridiculous thing to move from my home base.
For example, Pat gave me the Lily of the Valley from her own gardens.  She is an amazing gardener, someone I aspire to be like, in terms of knowledge and work ethic.  Always planning and scheming, Pat does ALL of the labour herself.  And four years ago, she gave me a few sticks of Lily of the Valley while she was thinning hers out.  I love how I’ve tucked them into the shade of my Catoni Aster bushes…an area of the garden where I will one day have a cool armchair and I will sit and sip my coffee and read a book and swat mosquitoes!  Thank you, Pat.  I love that you and your friendship and your fun-loving spirit are a part of my garden!

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  1. Hello! Well I have loved Lily of the Valley ever since I was a girl so I Like that you have it in your own garden (no garden here 🙁 ) and I Like that your friend gave it to you and that you have that symbol of friendship in your garden… lots to Like around here 🙂 and your art is seriously amazing!!

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