Journey: Medicine Hat and Redcliff, Alberta

Medalta Hotel China

I’ve always wanted to stop and see what has been described as Alberta’s ‘Great Wall of China’ at the Medalta Factory.   This will be a wee side-trip that I may take one day, just three hours east of Calgary.  This might turn out to be my first break to stretch my legs.  Only my closest friends know that I have a hotel creamer collection, some of them originating from this very location.  I really enjoy these wee bits of memorabilia.  Rarely can I find these anymore, so there must be many collectors!  Porcelain is one of those materials that I am drawn to.  And, as perhaps you can tell, I am also very caught up in stories and history, so these little objects of function AND beauty really appeal to me.

Hmmm…I also notice that there is artist-residency-potential at this location!

I’ve had some fun playing around with my camera this afternoon, so I got utterly distracted by things while planning on this blog entry!  I really do need to get the manual out for this camera and read about the possibilities.  I used to take zillions of photographs, but have steered away from that in this ‘incubation’ phase of my creative spirit.  As I find ‘things to do’ along the Trans Canada Highway, I’ll post them here.

A Portion of My Creamer Collection

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