ART!!! and WHALES!

Alright…so, the last fifty pages of  “Moby Dick” are churning up everything in me that gets excited about writing, nature, humanity and strength of human spirit, adventure and art!  I knew that there was some reason I was drawn to this VERY difficult read!  Ahab is presently suffering the apparent blows of a whale with WILL!  It is a superb challenge that is going on at this point…unbelievable!  It took 430 pages to bring me to this magical place!  But….I am here!  Engaged!  Challenged! Thoughtful!

One year I considered organizing a group exhibit with my Grade Nine art students.  At the time, I spoke to them about the demise of the Beluga Whales of the St. Lawrence seaway.  I demonstrated and talked about, at length, my process.  And then….we made art!  The exhibit has never happened…but, I hold on to the future possibility.

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