Our father bought us each a ukelele when we were very young.  We had grown up with him playing the ukelele, banjo and guitar.  Someone had given him an old Gibson guitar.  Oh my!  How beautiful it sounded!  I wanted to learn how to play guitar!  I worked for The Deluxe in North Bay, Ontario that summer, the sort of place where we served ‘the regulars’ and knew who liked their coffee double-double.  We served rice pudding and a special at lunch, you know the sort of place I’m talking about.  You likely can imagine what my uniform looked like as well.  I wish I had a photograph to post! 🙂  It’s a pity that I didn’t live in the digital and phone-cam generation. Those of us from that generation do not have the photos of ourselves that you young folk have!  Back to the story, though! 

I had my eye on a guitar that sat in a store front window and I saved for an entire summer so that I could buy my Yamaha guitar.  As well, I bought a capo and a Gordan Lightfoot chording book.  I was in heaven!  Gordan Lightfoot taught me how to play guitar! ;0)

Listen, he’s coming to Alberta…or so I heard on the van radio this morning.  There are many concerts coming up.  Tomorrow morning Pearl Jam tickets come up for sale on Ticketmaster.  I’d love those!  Kings of Leon…Santana….sheesh….but, for some sappy sentimental reason, I think that my heart is with Lightfoot.  I’ll have to think on it.  He taught me how to play guitar!

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