This week I’m gathering up art works from six different schools, in order to showcase the work of some of the students in our Parish.  The art will be transported over the next couple of days to our Church Hall for their big event, a wine-tasting called Puttin’ on the Ritz.  I’m taking this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the teachers who guide students in CREATIVE EXPRESSION within any of the fine arts, but particularly, the visual arts!  It is so crucial that we, as a public, continually advocate for the arts.  In a climate of cut-backs, sometimes it is difficult to sustain a quality program and the public needs to always keep in mind what art, music, drama and dance do for society and especially, the individual!  Following a thirty-year career as an arts educator, this matters to the core of me!  Artists, teachers, musicians, dancers and thespians…..we love you!  Rock on!

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