Woolen Mill


The same Mule that was located in the Magrath Card and Spinning Mill, now located in the Carstairs Woolen Mill.

I am so proud of my family.  As I do the research of both my paternal and maternal sides, I  learn more about humanity.  The history lectures in school transmitted the details and the dates of the Industrial Revolution, the poverty of England and Ireland, the Workhouses and the mass immigration to a Nation that would offer hope and economic relief.  On the French side, I read the history chapters about the Mass Expulsion of the French Acadians, but none of it reached into my heart until I discovered the names of my relations on Census documents and learned of their stuggles and demise.  I continue to search for the details of their lives because now I know ‘what I am made of’.  I now understand why my immediate family is filled with hard-workers and determined, strong individuals.  I love my family!

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