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I haven’t been able to respond to or report about the tragic explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf, up until now.  I have been consumed by the news of it, and while sitting in the Canadian foothills, miles from where I can SEE or SMELL or EXPERIENCE the tragedy, it is tragic none-the-less.  Daily, I fear for the state of the ocean.  Before this even happened, I was upset by the trawling and the overfishing and the fact that human beings do not look below the surface and so they do NOT REALLY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!  What a person does NOT experience OR SEE doesn’t bother them.  I have begun to use my art to speak of the truth, but at this point, I feel that I am helpless.
I know that my readers are few and that you also must be feeling this helplessness, but this blog provides a forum where I can at the very least, vent my frustration.  Lately, I have wondered if I had been diligent and hard-working; if I had studied biological science, would I be able to make a better contribution to the world than I can as an artist.  As I scan the various wildlife sites and foundations and organizations, I notice again and again, that unless I have the proper skills and training and experience with wildlife, the only other way I can really volunteer is through my financial contributions.  So, you see, I seek to understand what I can do and I become yet another citizen who stands by while the ‘experts’ try to clean up their mess.  The public consciousness has got to come to some huge collective inspired ‘thought’.  We have to work as nations, the world over, to create a common good.  We are depleting this planet.  It is evident in so many different ways.
As long as we enjoy our individual comforts, we do not feel the urgency of it all.  I am as guilty as everyone else.  I am seeking answers.

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