I felt last evening, as the sun was beginning to set,that I live in the most beautiful place in the world!  There was such a dramatic sky…as weather was shifting…and the air was so wonderful.  Max and I played with friends at the off leash park…owners stood in circles and spoke as the dogs chased and wrestled, having been caving for days in the sub-zero weather.
While driving home, I could see a lone person walking with his two dogs down in the valley, very near the Bow River.  Alert, and noble-looking, a herd of at least twenty deer took pause, heads reaching, noses in the air…keeping watch over the hiker and his dogs…absolutely still…beautiful animals on a magical evening.


Yesterday….wide open field and Allen Sapp sky…
Prayers for a young boy…a student of mine who passed away 12 years ago…
Sitting with the lights of a Christmas tree…
Reading a good book and finishing it the same night….Turtle Valley by Gail Anderson-Dargatz


It’s a frigid winter’s night.  While I might have chosen to attend one of two parties tonight, I opted to stay in. The adult children are out for the night and it’s dreamy to be here sipping from a glass of wine, enjoying the Christmas lights…curling up with my wonderful book and just BEING.
I am determined not to have this blog die…I noticed earlier that I didn’t get around to writing anything for November.  For the most part, my pooch and my life in open fields has taken over…even in the bitter chill of winter, he and I romp and laugh and return to the van with huge energy burning from within.  Max looks so funny… his entire face white with crystals of snow.  I love him so much!
Advent has been a deeply spiritual journey…a wonderful and introspective couple of weeks so far.  I’m working hard on a second mural at church.  I wish that I could archive the progress, but photographs are out of the question, given that Peanut-the-cat knocked my camera off the desk some months ago. I’m discovering that the world and its experiences are being captured in my heart these days…not as images…but as words. 
This afternoon I went and wandered around the book section of Value Village…found some marvelous additions to my reading collection.  I love flipping through the pages of old books…
When I came to the cashier with my four new books in hand…I noticed a woman purchasing small children’s toys and a warm hoodie.  Something of that image really spoke to me as I walked out into the parking lot…I made huge assumptions. I thanked God that my children want for nothing.  I asked Him to care for the children of the world who ache for the basic things of life…affection, food, love, clean water…shelter.  It is so cold tonight and I fear that there are children who are needing the basic things that we so often take for granted.  I am thinking of them tonight…in the warmth of this home that brings me so much warmth and happiness.