Magical October!

It is ‘magical’ October!  I have been blessed so much this autumn and thought that I would add a brief entry to keep a record of just some of the goings-on.

I spend many hours outside!  Some people go off-roading…I go off-leashing!  I have met many wonderful people out on these dog romps and seen many beautiful things.  Just two days ago, I was standing out in a snow-covered field as a flock of fifteen white swans flew over me in perfect ‘v’  formation.  I was left breathless; it was such an awesome sight!


Max and the family have been filmed and interviewed for the program, At the End of My Leash.  The experience was super-fantastic!  We received so much professional knowledge and support and it was just so much fun to be working with the crew.  I am really impressed by the team and by the philosophy behind the dog training.  Every day is a work-day where Max is concerned!  I want our relationship to be a really wonderful one and so the changes in me  and the new techniques are all really really important!


A couple of the most spectacular events during the process included driving out (on the first snow) to a ranch in the mountains  where we watched a true cowboy, Tom, work with his border collie, herding cattle.  Their relationship was so special!  The setting was magical…the people so open and generous and Max was beside-himself with excitement.


Another surreal event was when we met on the last Saturday of filming at an off leash park where at least ten border collies and their owners joined us for a romp in the hills.  Seeing Max with so many like-minded buddies was a hoot!  I wore a smile on my face the entire time. 

The woman I have to truly thank for all of this is the lady who worked tirelessly for a year to repair my broken finger through occupational therapy.  We used to laugh as I shared stories about Max and his antics and finally she asked if I had ever considered applying for the program.  I submitted an application months and months ago…and finally heard at the end of the summer that there was an interest.  So….thank you, dearest Kristen because this was the experience of a lifetime….and it will make all of the difference for my buddy and me!


Autumn is something else…my favourite season!  A big thanksgiving dinner was had with my true friends…the pumpkins are lined up and awaiting carving!  My students at school are wonderful and many outdoor chores have been completed.  We harvested awesome vegetables from our garden this year, painted the trim on the house and studio,  closed in the backyard and stained the fences!  A great and active season!  I am very very happy and looking forward to every day that I am given! Happy October!

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