Here we go then!  My May entry….May 2nd 2009.  It suits me to write now because the crocuses are now in bloom on Laurie-dog’s river ridge…the river is wide open and the most beautiful blue green!  The gulls are circling and screeching in celebration of their return.  Everything is coming to life!
Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my loss of Laurie.  While it had also been a time of sadness over the loss of my relationship, this cut the deepest because Laurie had been the presence that helped me surpass all sadness…for 14 years.  To feel such utter loss when I was already so sad, was very difficult.  But look!  There is always the promise of spring!  And here I am…and the river runs as always!
Looking up at the perfect blue sky, we saw the sliver of a white moon hanging like a jewel…another female pheasant dip into the brush…black and white magpies perched in the arms of a bare tree.  I am celebrating ‘the new’ but also, ‘the promise’ of the return again and again of those things that mark our lives as precious.  Some of what life offers returns again and again and we are reminded of resurrection.  Max and I don’t head out off roading on spring mornings like this one…we head out off leashing!  We’re pretty excited about this morning…it’s so still and beautiful and light!

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