Easter Tridium

I am down in the mouth about the fact that I am staying home for the holiday (squashed are the plans to travel through Kaslo to Comox)…just made a decision around the bank account…and here I sit!
While this is a disappointment, I know that I can create magic out of the decision and create a ton of fun, outdoors and in, over this next ten days.
It all begins with the Tridium…three days celebrating the story, our story, in the Easter walk.  Tonight begins the ritual through the washing of the feet and the gift of the Lord’s Banquet.  I am grateful for all of this.
Max is sitting at my feet, just ‘grateful’ to have his Mommy home…he and I had better head ‘er out to an off leash park.  The sun has been shining and the snow melting, so conditions are ideal.
Wherever you are this Easter, Max and I are wishing you the very best in your observation of this Holy and remarkable feast! 

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