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I don’t write anymore.  I don’t paint anymore.  But, on the other hand, I don’t want to be one of these people who lets my blog become an abandoned techno-dinosaur here on the internet.  I want to breath life into her now and again.
I am growing in my heart.  I have a quiet life these days and read lots and lots of books.  I also go for a ton of walks with my pooch, Max…we explore different spots all over the city and tomorrow night I will be attending a city meeting about the status of our off leash parks, and after filling out a detailed survey already, I will be lobbying for a great off leash down here in the south…something that isn’t parked in between an east and west 22X…something a bit more safe!
I’ve signed Max up for Polite Pooches with the Humane Society and after that, will be enrolling him in Agility classes.  He and I have become a real team…and I’m surprised, that after all of the wee catastrophes that he has had, I’m absolutely deeply in love with him.  I know that both my friends and family consider me somewhat fanatical…but there is no substitution for this sort of love!  There is loyalty with Max!
My always-friends are always-friends.  My son and daughter cross paths with me often…big hugs from my boy last night as I wished him a happy 19th birthday and I couldn’t stop thinking about his downy head…as he rested in my arms as an infant…oh what an absolutely gorgeous scent…that skin…the closeness.  I hold those memories dear.
I begin to plan my journey this summer…a huge trek that will begin shared with my first-born…but for the most part, will be accomplished on my own…exploring the province of Newfoundland finally!  To get Maxwell used to the adventure side of being my boy, we will journey out to Argenta again over Easter and out to the west coast to do some salmon fishing with my little brother.
Generally, I am well…but I have to say that I am re-imagining myself and it has been a ‘grind’.  I will try to make at least one entry here each month until one day I possibly get the writing ‘bug’ again.  Until then, I wish you blessings on your Lenten journey…and certainly hope you are sustained by love!

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  1. As an avid reader and loyal fan of this blog………once a month will leave me hanging!!! Can we talk about this??? What happened to your "writing bug"……..???? it\’s in there……..I know it……..come on Painter Lady your fans need you!!!!!!She Paints Blue

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