River Walking in the Dark

After driving my son to an early morning shift at the coffee shop where he works, I decided to give Max his river run early.  Afterall, I decided to wear my snowpants and bring all the gear along.  It was a very mysterious thing, walking down at the river’s edge before the sun had even come up.  It was very dark…I could hear the geese, as usual, out on the water, but couldn’t really make them out visually.  There was just the softest blanket of light over the fresh snow of yesterday and so I could make out Max’s dark silhouette, darting about…sniffing out the tracks of other animals…returning again and again to me, with tail wagging.  It was a beautiful, peaceful time…magical. 

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  1. Hello….just dropping by to say hi and I hope you had a great Christmas with all your Children! Heres wishing you nothing but good things for this coming New Year. All that food looked great!Take Care for now!

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