Today begins my Christmas holiday…such a wonderful magical thought!  My daughter comes home from England, my middle child celebrates her birthday…and Advent comes to a close, with the winter feast and the rebirth of Jesus again in our hearts.  Christmas oranges, Christmas light…family and friends gathered to share in a drink and some laughter.  I feel a sense of unleashed freedom…wintry walks and cozy evenings, painting and writing and sorting of photographs…baking and movie-watching…all the good stuff of life!  It is a great morning as I anticipate all of this!

2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. That sounded absolutely wonderful! I must share that I got registered through the Public Library to do some acrylic painting…this might be the boost I need to get in to the shop I have been eyeing off Fisher Street to register for some more intense painting classes for newbies. I am looking forward to it!

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