December’s Blog

I dunno…I got a message that Live Spaces is somehow better, but I’ve found it a bit of a frustration…figuring out the changes; how to work with the photos, title them, etc.  I don’t know if my readers are seeing my page differently?  One reader told me that they can no longer access my guest book.  I can see it, but can you? 
Anyway, change is always a good thing, so I’m certain I will adapt to this and carry on blogging, however, less frequently.  I’ve been writing less here since learning about the networking available on Facebook.  But still, I find this is home for me and my writing.
Since summer, I’ve been really feeling positive about things.  I have a very good group of students this year and the joy of teaching is up and running at full tilt.  I continue to think that the paper work takes up far too much time, but if it is the desire of those above me that I spend quality teaching time, slogging my way through a heap of computer stuff and paper, so be it.  I can go with the ‘times’, as much as anyone.
In the meantime, my ‘real life’ is being built here at home.  I am a single woman in the world, so of course there are challenges, but for the most part, there are so many interests to explore…there is rarely (never) a dull moment.  Let’s face it…the decision to get a new pup at this time of my life was a huge move…and it has gotten me out and exploring places and weather that I would not have imagined.  It’s been a very long time since I brought my pup, Laurie-dog, home.  I had forgotten just how physical and consistent that interaction has to be.
As I write my Christmas letter (the one that goes out in the New Year) this year…I reflect on my year with a real sense of renewal.  While I experienced some very tough news through the year, I do see again and again, how God has blessed me with resilience.  He’s never allowed me to be a person who is bitter or broken…He’s lifted me up again and again so that I can continue in good faith and in love.  Without my relationship with Him, I don’t know that this road would have been so easily navigated.  I look forward to the celebration of the anniversary of the wee baby’s birth…my greatest inspiration in life…the baby Jesus!  Wishing you all peace, joy and love…the ‘real’ variety! the kind that the world cannot give!

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